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Use our business address for mail service and have our receptionist answer your calls and screen them for you. You decide if you should speak to them or send them to voicemail.

Whether it is a premium live answering (find me follow me) or standard live answering (message taking) call the limit is 100 combined. *Add-n Call Bundles are available.


$109 monthly / $100 setup fee


How Does It Work

The Virtual Business Address is a registered Commercial Mailing Registered Agency (CMRA). You will need to complete Form 1583 for the United States Postal Service. Once complete we will provide you a professional business address. You can use that address for your marketing collateral, mailings, courier items, and legal paperwork.

Pro Plus Packages Include:

Virtual Business Address: A business address for company paperwork and marketing.  Also, receive your mail packages from USPS and couriers.

Courier Package Receipt: We will receive packages from Federal Express, UPS, Amazon, and more. When our staff receives a package, we notify you of its arrival.

Drive-Thru Mail Pickup: Use our drive-thru mail pickup. Call ahead to be sure your mail is ready, and your mail will be waiting for you.

Mail Pickup: There is no charge for you to pick up your mail. You can call ahead and schedule a pickup time.

Mail Forwarding*: Allow us to forward your mail to you at the weekly time you choose and the address you want us to send it to. *Mail forwarding postage fees and handling charges apply.

CMRA: We are a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA) registered with the United
States Postal Service (USPS).

Assigned Local Telephone Number: While employing our services you can have an assigned local telephone number service for the company.

Questions? Call 702-943-0300

Call Auto-Answer: The Call Auto-Answer Service answer calls in your company name. You receive up to 6 dialing options for an external number(s).

Custom Greeting: A Virtual Office of Las Vegas staff member will assure you have a custom
greeting set up during the implementation of your services.

Voicemail Message to Email: You can receive all your voicemails to your email (via electronic .wav file) using the Voicemail Message to Email Service.

Call Time Scheduler: The Call Time Scheduler Service can be used after working hours,
weekends, and holidays. Route your calls to different places at different times.

Standard Live Answering: This service is live message-taking by our receptionists. They forward
message to you via text or email.

Text Message Notification to Cell Phone: A receptionist answers your company’s calls and takes a message from the caller. Then the receptionist forwards the message to you via text.

Premium Live Answering*: Have your calls screened, announced, and forwarded per your instruction. A total of 100 combined calls come with this package. Whether it is a premium live answering (find me follow me) or standard live answering (message taking) call the limit is 100 combined. *Add-n Call Bundles are available.

Find Me / Follow Me: Our live Find-Me Follow-Me screening receptionist service will place the caller on hold after gathering some preliminary information and contacting you.

Music on Hold: When your customers are on hold, they will hear classical music.

NOTE: All Live Phone Answering Packages come with 100 calls unless the client purchases extra call bundles.

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm in the Pacific time zone.

*All domestic calls in the 48 continental United States of America are included. International calling rates apply on a country-by-country basis. CONTACT US FORM


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