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Use our business address for mail service and have our receptionist answer your calls and take a message for you. They will send your messages to you via email or text.

A total of 100 live message taking calls comes with this package. *Add-n Call Bundles are available.


$79 monthly / $100 one-time setup fee

How Does It Work

The Virtual Business Address is a registered Commercial Mailing Registered Agency (CMRA). You will need to complete Form 1583 for the United States Postal Service. Once complete we will provide you a professional business address. You can use that address for your marketing collateral, mailings, courier items, and legal paperwork.

Packages Include:

Virtual Business Address: A business address for company paperwork and marketing.  Also, receive your mail packages from USPS and couriers.

Courier Package Receipt: We will receive packages from Federal Express, UPS, Amazon, and more. When our staff receives a package, we notify you of its arrival.

Drive-Thru Mail Pickup: Use our drive-thru mail pickup. Call ahead to be sure your mail is ready, and your mail will be waiting for you.

Mail Pickup: There is no charge for you to pick up your mail. You can call ahead and schedule a pickup time.

Mail Forwarding*: Allow us to forward your mail to you at the weekly time you choose and the address you want us to send it to. *Mail forwarding postage fees and handling charges apply.

CMRA: We are a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA) registered with the United
States Postal Service (USPS).

Assigned Local Telephone Number: While employing our services you can have an assigned local telephone number service for the company.

Questions? Call 702-943-0300

Call Auto-Answer: The Call Auto-Answer Service answer calls in your company name. You receive up to 6 dialing options to an external number(s).

Custom Greeting: A Virtual Office of Las Vegas staff member will assure you have a custom
greeting set up during the implementation of your services.

Voicemail Message to Email: You can receive all your voicemails to your email (via electronic .wav file) using the Voicemail Message to Email Service.

Call Time Scheduler: The Call Time Scheduler Service can be used after working hours,
weekends, and holidays. Route your calls to different places at different times.

Standard Live Answering: This service is live message-taking by our receptionists. They forward
message to you via text or email.

Text Message Notification to Cell Phone: A receptionist answers your company’s calls and takes a message from the caller. Then the receptionist forwards the message to you via text.

Music on Hold: When your customers are on hold, they will hear classical music.

NOTE: All Live Phone Answering Packages come with 100 calls unless the client purchases extra call bundles.

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm in the Pacific time zone.

*All domestic calls in the 48 continental United States of America are included. International calling rates apply on a country-by-country basis.


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