Virtual Office LAS VEGAS Services - Virtual Office LAS VEGAS Business Address LAS VEGAS

Business Address

Exclusive address to use for licensing, website, and other collateral. The Virtual Offices of Las Vegas business address is perfect for new businesses or a company that is expanding and would like to project a professional image.


Visitor Check-in and Reception

We understand your time is valuable, therefore our convenient kiosk checks you in while simultaneously alerting the staff. You are greeted in seconds!

Suite Directory Listing

You can add your company for inclusion on the Suite Directory. Additional monthly fee applies.

Business License Hanging

Virtual Offices of Las Vegas, a division of Blue Sky Solutions Inc.’s business address service is offered in line with local county requirements; working closely with the Clark County Licensing Agency. This office is located in a building zoned C/P, Commercial Professional. Administrative business types are only permissible for licensing purposes. Upon request, your business license will be hung according to Clark County compliance. No additional fees apply.

Day Office and Conference Rooms

Whether having a homeowner’s association meeting or teaching a group of of 12, our facility offers you an impressive arena for many purposes. Above all, rooms equipped with Smart TV, overhead projector, conference phone, WIFI/ethernet internet access, and whiteboards. Amenities are location specific. Public and virtual client rates upon request.

Additional Business Address Options at Reduced Rates

Virtual Offices of Las Vegas has structured at a considerable reduced rate the ability for a business to share its address with your other designated businesses. This is called an “ADD-ON” or “Child Company.” Upon Request.

Virtual Office LAS VEGAS Services - Virtual Office LAS VEGAS Business Address LAS VEGAS

Shared Administrative Services

Our Virtual Offices of Las Vegas clients receive the privilege of sharing the expertise and representation of our professional staff.


Mail Notification Alerts

Upon receiving trackable letters and packages, email notifications will advise arrival. During regular office hours, our clientele may collect their mail in person or designate a forwarding address, frequency, and method on a prearranged schedule. Mail forwarding cost and handling charges apply.  Restrictions on weight and size apply.

Standard and Premium Mail Scan Service

Be alerted to your company’s new mail same day. Standard Mail Scan will provide an email with an attached scanned document showing the front of each envelope for identification purposes. Therefore, offering a unique view into their daily mail. Premium Mail Scan will send an email to our client with an attached document showing the front of each envelope for identification purposes; in addition, the first page of each envelopes content. Additional Fees Apply.

Virtual Office LAS VEGAS Services - Virtual Office LAS VEGAS Business Address LAS VEGAS

Document Drop Off and Pick Up Exchange

During regular office hours, our professional staff is available to receive, notify, and exchange documents on your behalf. Please be advised Virtual Offices of Las Vegas is not a registered agent.

Assigned Local Telephone Number

Having a Las Vegas phone number is important to local branding, hence, our clientele can sign-up for a local number. The local number is an ideal image when customers are looking to work with a local business. Phone handling options include direct call to cell (DCC), automated answering, dialing options up to 7 extensions, and live answering up to 11 hours. Similarly, options include screening, messaging via text and/or email, and forwarding as per instructed. Voicemails go to email attached as a .wav file. Therefore, most clients have emails setup to be delivered to their cellular phones. As a result, client voicemail messages are literally at their fingertips.

411 Local Phone Directory Assistance Listing Service

Virtual Offices of Las Vegas will register our client with the third-party 411 services. As a result, it helps establish our client as a local business. A monthly fee applies; in addition, a one-time setup fee will be charged.

Fax Number with Forwarding to Email

Virtual Office of Las Vegas staff assigns our client with a fax number that is unique to them. When our client receives a fax to that number its automatically forward to their email. Furthermore, this fax service qualifies for governmental approval communications. Additional monthly fees apply.

Fully Furnished Executive Offices

Virtual Offices of Las Vegas benefits in residing with the the Executive Offices Las Vegas business center. Executive Offices Las Vegas rents physical office space with single and dual desk office layouts. In addition, these offices are move-in ready and are available on a month to month basis should your virtual office growth demand a physical location.

Referral Rewards Programs

Please ask about our referral rewards program. Details will be provided upon request.

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