A virtual office is a service that is offered through an office facility which allows someone to use an office address; furthermore, without leasing an actual physical office. Virtual offices provide professional handling and routing of customers, mail and phone for the client, thereby, creating and maintaining a clients virtual presence.
A virtual office is a cost-effective alternative for most businesses. Examples include; the small business owner that works at home who wants to project a professional image; in addition, a start-up company with limited overhead funds; and lastly, a business looking to expand into a new territory and want to test the waters before full expansion and large capital commitment.
There’s No Corporate Income Tax No Taxes on Corporate Shares No Franchise Tax No Personal Income Tax Nominal Annual Fees Nevada corporations may purchase, hold, sell or transfer shares of its own stock. Nevada corporations may issue stock for capital, services, personal property, or real estate, including leases and options; the directors determine the value of any of these transactions. No Franchise Tax on Income No Inheritance or Gift Tax No Unitary Tax No Estate Tax Competitive Sales and Property Tax Rates Minimal Employer Payroll Tax In addition, Nevada’s Business Court was developed on the Delaware model. The IRS site also provides extensive information on doing business in Nevada. *Source: Nevada Secretary of State, http://sos.state.nv.us
Virtual Office of Las Vegas has been providing Virtual services since 2007. Furthermore, Blue Sky Solutions Inc dba Virtual Offices of Las Vegas has acquired an Accredited BBB A+ rating. The management is comprised of seasoned technology, marketing and sales professionals and have experience in the real estate and office solutions arenas. The facilities are centrally located, just West from the world-famous Las Vegas strip. A short ride from the Palms and the Rio hotels on West Flamingo Road and minutes from the TI hotel and Fashion Show Mall, Virtual Offices of Las Vegas also offers a full-service office environment virtually and physically.
There are two steps to the sign-up process. First, completion of the application and the US Postal Service Form 1583 then we will issue you a service agreement with your assignment(s) along with other forms to setup your account.
Virtual Offices of Las Vegas is a commercial mail receiving agency registered with the United States Postal Service. In addition, to receive mail on your behalf you must properly complete a USPS application. If you complete the application outside of our offices it must be notarized for execution. Once completed, we will submit it to USPS. This form is part of the sign up process, and well send it to you when you request the application. For your information, the form example can be viewed here and be conveniently notarized online; view the video tutorial on YouTube.
Our phone system allows us to program each clients information; as a result, our receptionists can answer calls using each clients customized greeting. In addition, with a click of the mouse our receptionists can view all company information while on a call.
Charges will apply if a client receives more calls than allotted in their service package. A $1 charge per call may be applied to each call. Any unused calls cannot be rolled-over to future months. Lastly, clients can purchase a block of additional calls mid-month or upgrade to the next package.
A valid credit card and identification is required to setup an account. The setup fees and the first months service fee is prorated for the month. Most often a service package will be live within twenty-four to forty-eight business hours. Lastly, all client documentation must be completed and received for an account to start the go-live process.
When a client purchases a phone answering service and the number of allotted monthly calls are exceeded; as a result, call overages will be incurred. Additional fee will also result from international long-distance charges when connecting your calls
The general schedule for mail forwarding is weekly. All mail that was received during the week is placed unopened into another envelope, in addition, mailed to the destination provided by client. In effort to save you money, we do not forward third-class mail consisting of advertising and addressed to `resident or `occupant, unless you specify on the Mail Handling Privileges form. Lastly, if there is a time-sensitive mailing, we can adjust your schedule given you provide 24 business-hours notice.
Yes, during office hours; in addition, you should call to check to see if you have any mail, and make the arrangements to come in. There is no need to waste time coming in if theres no mail waiting.
We accept deliveries from companies such as Federal Express and UPS for envelopes and packets; furthermore, we are unable to accept any items exceeding 10 lbs in weight or larger than 11-7/8 x 13-5/8. In additions, we will not accept any item containing any dangerous, live or perishable goods. We will notify you when we sign for a delivery and have you will direct us on how to handle the delivery. Standard forwarding for courier items is FedEx Standard overnight.
There is no charge for picking up your mail. Only when we send your mail via USPS, overnight express or through scanning services will there be a charge. All charges are different so please check pricing or call 877.943.2774
All Virtual Office of Las Vegas assigned phone numbers to your account are the property of our telecommunications service provider. Our clientele only purchases the right to use through our Service Agreement; consequently, all numbers are yours strictly during valid and active account term(s).
All major credit cards are accepted for service payments.
Company closures are available on our HOLIDAY LIST; furthermore, email communications are sent to clients as a reminder
A business address is a physical location to use for contact information and letters, packages delivered by the United States Postal System.
We have a staffed location to receive your Federal Express and UPS envelopes and packages. There is a size and weight restrictions of 10 lbs in weight or larger than 11-7/8 x 13-5/8.
Collect your mail in person by arrangement during office hours.
We notify you of every package or envelope we sign for; furthermore, size and weight restrictions apply.
Have your mail sent to you per your forwarding specifications; consequently, additional charges may apply.
Our business address is permitted for certain business types concerning local business licensing requirements. Refer to Clark County Business Licensing for more details.
A specific number is assigned to clients by our staff; in addition, each client receives a number unique to them.
An assigned private telephone number that is directly routed to your specified number off-system. This routing number is usually a mobile phone.
An eFax number is the same as a traditional fax number except the fax will arrive vie email; in addition, as an attached PDF file.
First, a greeting and 3 dialing options are programmed into the auto-attendant program. Second, calls hear the greeting and the 3 dialing options which are individuals or departments. Lastly, all 3 dialing options are directed to an assigned voicemail box or external phone number.
All voicemail messages will be emailed to client; as a result, the client can listen to message without calling into phone system. An electronic .wav file containing the callers message will be delivered for the clients review; in addition, the system removes the message from the voicemail box
Our staff answers call then screens and forwards call per the clients instruction. The client decides whether to accept the call during work hours. Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm local time (except holidays). Unlimited Long Distance in the U.S Continental applies. Any Overages for allotted monthly call package or from international long-distance calls are charged to client and billed on monthly invoice. Lastly, calls can be forwarded to up to 2 designated telephone numbers.
You may receive your messages taken live by receptionist and sent by text to your mobile phone. Only applicable to live answering service packages.
Yes, you can rent a private office by the hour or day. RSVP basis only.
You can add your company for inclusion on Suite Directory. Included in certain package(s). Additional charge monthly charge.
The Starter, Professional and Executive packages include 1 voicemail box, and up to 3 dialing extensions. Should you need more, you can add up to 5 additional voicemail boxes, each with additional 3 dialing extensions for a monthly charge.
We do offer the optional service to have your assigned phone number and business address listed with the local 411. There is a one-time setup fee and monthly listing charges.
You may purchase additional Live Answering blocks at discounted rates. Can be purchased prior to month’s end to avoid overage charges.