Virtual Offices of Las Vegas believes that paying per call is more efficient and less costly then paying by the minute. Virtual Offices of Las Vegas offers packaged call bundles with unlimited long distance in the US Continental which eliminates call minutes for the most part.
Our phone system allows us to program each clients information; as a result, our receptionists can answer calls using each client customized greeting. In addition, with a click of the mouse our receptionists can view all company information while on a call.
Charges will apply if a client receives more calls than allotted in their service package. A $1 charge per call may be applied to each call. Any unused calls cannot be rolled-over to future months. Lastly, clients can purchase a block of additional calls mid-month or upgrade to the next package.
A valid credit card and identification is required to setup an account. The setup fees and the first months service fee is prorated for the month. Most often a service package will be live within twenty-four to forty-eight business hours. Lastly, all client documentation must be completed and received for an account to start the go-live process.
When a client purchases a phone answering service and the number of allotted monthly calls are exceeded; as a result, call overages will be incurred. Additional fee will also result from international long-distance charges when connecting your calls
A specific number is assigned to clients by our staff; in addition, each client receives a number unique to them.
An eFax number is the same as a traditional fax number except the fax will arrive vie email; in addition, as an attached PDF file.
First, the clients greeting and 3 dialing options are programmed into the auto-attendant. Second, when a call is received they hear the greeting and the 3 dialing options which are individuals or departments. Lastly, all 3 dialing options are directed to an assigned voicemail box or external phone number.
All voicemail messages will be emailed to client; as a result, the client can listen to message without calling into phone system. An electronic .wav file containing the callers message will be delivered for the clients review; in addition, the system removes the message from the voicemail box
Our staff will answer calls with the clients custom company greeting. In addition, the call will be screened; as a result, the client can decide whether to accept the call or send to voicemail. Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm local time (except holidays) are our staffs work hours, especially noteworthy, Unlimited Long Distance in U.S. Continental applies to every account.
Our staff will answer calls with the clients custom company greeting, in addition, collects the callers information. Furthermore, this information is communicated via email or text message to the client. Lastly, the receptionist then forwards call to voice-mail. Staff hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm local time (except holidays).
Phone messages are taken live by the receptionist; furthermore, sent by text to the clients mobile phone.
One voicemail box and up to 3 dialing extensions are included in all phone answering packages, furthermore, additional voicemail boxes can be purchased.